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Document Specialist

Department: Processing 
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Document Specialist:

We are looking for a Document Specialist to help us build relationships with Clients so that TaxRise can offer full spectrum representation to taxpayers with a variety of tax issues. This position will be the main point of contact between the clients and the tax professionals who are working on client’s files.

Document Specialist Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect on outstanding document requests required to properly service client’s case.
  • Collect any documents required to run Tax Investigations
  • Return client calls and confirm receipt of documents within 24 hours
  • Complete assigned tasks by required deadlines
  • Maintain correspondence with clients throughout the IRS process and uphold the highest level of customer service
  • Maintain proper notes in CRM and track progress accordingly
  • Manage a high volume of inbound client calls
  • Manage daily outbound calls for collection and case updates
  • Refer cases to quality assurance (QA) department as necessary
  • Assist tax pros, customer service, and financial analyst department, and case managers
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by management.

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Financial Analyst

Department: Finance/Accounting
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Financial Analyst:

We are seeking a Financial Analyst to work alongside the Case Managers to successfully prepare offer in compromise (OIC) forms. The Financial Analyst will demonstrate the analytical skills necessary to determine a client’s financial hardship situation based on IRS standards.

What You’ll Do:

  • Use financial systems and data provided by the client to determine best resolution with the IRS
  • The incumbent maintains responsibility for the review of application documents as part of the verification process to determine eligibility, data analysis, evaluation and resolution
  • Organize and manipulate large sets of data for analysis
  • Utilize data processing technology
  • Think critically to create calls to action
  • Communicate insights effectively and comprehensively
  • Process data, research, and develop analyses to efficiently create insights and create metrics to measure success
  • Review client financials, income and expense ratios
  • Prepare OIC forms
  • Mail completed OIC forms to clients for review and signature
  • The job includes other duties and responsibilities assigned by management

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Customer Service Representative

Department: Marketing
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Customer Service Representative:

We are seeking a Customer Service Representative for the Marketing Department to provide quick and efficient responses to potential clients; establishing the first means of contact to determine qualified candidates. This position provides clients with courteous customer service over the phone and email; strives to develop new business by extending professional and efficient service and suggesting additional services and products to serve the client’s needs.

What You’ll Do:

  • Responding to emails from leads using the provided template
  • Outbound calls to leads and transferring to sales using TalkDesk and the provided script
  • Utilize CRM system to create, assign and notate cases
  • Communicate effectively with Sales Managers and representatives
  • Track all calls and transfers on a shared Google Sheet for reporting
  • Answering live chat support questions from website traffic
  • Scheduling appointments using Calendly
  • Monitoring emails for issues or bugs in the system and reporting feedback to the marketing team
  • Checking subscription statuses in Active Campaign
  • Serves as key liaison between department and internal and external partners
  • Performs analysis of assigned business unit(s) to identify problems and/or opportunities to maximize business potential
  • Screens and routes telephone calls
  • Performs general administrative duties including but not limited to correspondence, filing, photocopying, faxing, and mailing
  • Provides timely resolution of customer complaints, concerns, and inquiries
  • Builds effective relationships and trust with potential clients by listening to their needs and educating them about the products and services that are most appropriate to their situation
  • Customer service via phone and email
  • Communicating with Marketing and Sales department
  • Keeping an organized log of your work
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by management

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Inside Sales Representative

Department: Sales
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Inside Sales Representative:

TaxRise values talented, self motivated people who are passionate about the work they do. TaxRise as a company creates a positive and energetic work environment for all of our staff that allows you to advance and provide the best service possible for our clients.

With our in house Marketing Team we only generate organic leads for our reps to be in communication with. All our leads are REAL-TIME, and come from our online, radio and tv advertisements. We provide EXCLUSIVE leads to our sales team to excel and take advantage of the uncapped commission structure + Hourly Wage that we provide.

We have an In-depth paid training program that all of our representatives go through to make sure you are a knowledgeable professional in this industry before even speaking to a client.

What will an Inside Sales Representative do?

  • In-depth training course
  • Take Inbound calls from our online, radio and tv advertisements
  • Follow up on your pipeline utilizing Outbound dialing, SMS, and Email
  • Effectively on board clients to get the help they need.

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Data Analyst-Power BI Developer

Department: IT
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Data Analyst-Power BI Developer:

We are seeking a Data Analyst-Power BI Developer to join our team! You will work in a dynamic and fast-past environment and help gather requirements, build BI reports, models, cubes, and analytical solutions. This position will be required to perform data modeling, developing, testing as well as documenting various BI development and support activities. You may also be involved in building/support of various ETL tools and solutions as needed.

What You’ll Do:

  • Analytical and solution-oriented mindset paired with sound commercial acumen
  • Experience with report writing and data visualization in Microsoft Power BI
  • Experience of working with MS SQL Server, Excel/VBA and Power Pivot
  • Proven record in establishing BI tools and actionable KPI and Scorecards
  • Strong time management skill with focus on closing tasks ASAP
  • Experience with Salesforce data structures would be a plus
  • The job includes other duties and responsibilities assigned by management

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Senior Software Engineer

Department: IT
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Senior Software Engineer:

We are looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer-Python to prioritize tasks and have a consistent track record of delivering complete, well-architected results. This position will provide quality custom software solutions by utilizing company operations and exercising excellent software engineering skills.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Has a working understanding of design patterns and architecture; understands what makes software testable and maintainable and includes these principles in the work
  • Work to develop company products through fast, agile, and reliable software development practices.
  • Advise on the selection of the most appropriate frameworks to use with the product
  • Be accountable for code quality and writing tests
  • Develop Restful APIs using FastAPI and integrate with other web services
  • Research new technologies to improve existing systems and design new ones.
  • Provide expertise on reliability, performance, and scalability challenges.
  • Understand concepts of loose coupling when designing and developing software systems
  • Understanding of software build and CI/CD process
  • Exposure to Docker and Kubernetes
  • SDLC, source control, unit testing, agile development methodologies
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by management.

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Case Manager

Department: Processing
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Case Manager:

This position will build relationships with Clients and the IRS so that TaxRise can offer full spectrum representation to taxpayers with a variety of tax issues. Our clients are in need of a number of services such as assistance applying for settlement offers, setting up payment plans, protection against IRS audits, and removing federal and state levy, liens, and garnishments.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct financial analysis of the client’s income expenses, and assets and assemble all documents necessary to present to the proper government agencies
  • Ensure clients files are maintained in accordance with company operating procedures
  • Review file information and maintain contact with assigned clients to ensure that they are fully aware of the status of their case
  • Work closely with each clients Tax Professionals to keep them current with pertinent case information and on track during the client’s Resolution Phase
  • Maintain transparency through open, helpful, and focused communication with clients by providing accurate case status in a timely manner to help eliminate clients confusion and complaints
  • Work with the case management team to resolve clients concerns as they arise and address any questions the client may have
  • Continuously research and develop strategies to defend the taxpayers’ positions while ensuring collection enforcement to protect the client from any liens or levies
  • Manage the caseloads and assignments while efficiently navigating and updating the computer systems
  • Distribute tax forms to clients as necessary
  • Manage a high volume of inbound client calls
  • Manage daily outbound calls for collection and case updates
  • Draft closing final resolution letters to clients
  • Refer cases to quality assurance (QA) department as necessary
  • Assist tax pros, customer service, and financial analyst department
  • Collect necessary financial documents to move cases forward
  • The job includes other duties and responsibilities assigned by management

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Enrolled Agent

Department: Finance/Accounting
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Enrolled Agent:

We are looking for an Enrolled Agent to act as a liaison between our Clients, IRS, and/or State Tax Agencies. Represent clients in legal proceedings, draw up legal documents and advise clients on legal transactions.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Negotiate past due tax liabilities with the IRS and State Tax agencies
  • Manage client files and obtain documents relevant to Taxpayer resolution strategies
  • Release taxpayers from IRS and State collection actions including wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Contact and assist taxpayers assigned to Revenue officers; and conduct negotiations to prevent additional enforcement by Revenue Officers
  • Manage assigned client pipeline and correspondence with IRS/State authorities
  • Prepare detailed financial statements, including but not limited 433-A, 656, 433-B, Form 9465, etc.
  • Provide instructions and guidance to case managers with respect to client files
  • Preparation are execute Offer in Compromise application, Installment Agreements, Currently Non Collectible hardship applications, obtain penalty Abatements, and collection holds
  • Prioritize caseloads and complete additional tasks and duties as needed
  • Retain records and tax information of clients confidential
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by management

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External Compliance Officer

Department: Quality Assurance
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External Compliance Officer:

This is a great opportunity to work with a growing and dynamic company in California. The External Compliance Officer position audits calls performs investigations on complaints and cancellations, requests and create reports and implement procedures when required. This position will ensure that the client’s experience is compliant with our quality standards. Performs duties as the compliance advisor and subject matter expert for compliance related projects and tasks and participates in various committees, audits, and examinations. The External Compliance Officer is also responsible for developing and updating compliance related policies and procedures and evaluating all cases in each phase effectively.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Audit cases, performing investigations, and reaches out to upset clients.
  • Ensure requirements are complete before transitioning to next phase
  • Manage quality assurance Tickets and CSAT in a timely matter
  • Go through each case in detail
  • Performs first pass review of compliance evaluations
  • Maintains daily, weekly, monthly reports. Submits monthly evaluation spreadsheet to manager
  • Acts as last line of defense for complaint customers
  • Responds to requests promptly, stays current with e-mail and voicemail
  • The job includes other duties and responsibilities assigned by management

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Junior UI/UX Designer

Department: IT 
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Junior UI/UX Designer:

We are looking for an individual with a scrupulous eye for detail, keen sense of design, and dynamic problem-solving ability. You are the advocate for the user and you are able to create beautiful experiences and interactions from complex workflows. You can quickly and completely understand key business concepts of a variety of products and can deliver measurable data from user research and testing. You are an organized individual who is meticulous about maintaining order when it comes to consistency, naming convention, component libraries, and brand identity. You will be able to conduct user research to test our assumptions and gain a deeper level of understanding of our users’ empathy. Your prototypes meet the expectations of users and stakeholders alike, and your collaborative efforts with developers, product managers, department leads, and the team will bring us closer to meeting our goals every step of the way.

UI/UX Responsibilities:

  • Have a hands-on approach with the process of research, prototyping, development, and testing
  • Ability to communicate with users, stakeholders and developers
  • Having knowledge of mobile design, psychology, interaction design, graphic design, and marketing disciplines are a huge plus
  • Maintain and perform updates to our component libraries
  • Maintain and perform functional and visual updates on our products
  • Create wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and storyboards
  • Create user journey maps, user flows, use cases and user stories
  • The job includes other duties and responsibilities assigned by management

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