Driver/ Store Associate settles $87,143.60 liability for $4,332

| March 5, 2020


Taxpayer: Alexandro Morgan – Driver/ Store Associate, Florida

The Tax Problem:

From 2013-2016, Alexandro misfiled his taxes. Unintentionally misfiling taxes is a common occurrence for someone who is filing as self-employed, which Alexandro is. It is a quite complicated and tedious process compared to filing as other forms of employment. 

Unfortunately, Alexandro, as with most self-employed cases, accrued a serious liability for his filing mistakes. When Alexandro came to TaxRise, his vehicles and his property were in danger of being levied and seized. 

TaxRise's Solution Process:


The TaxRise Team conducted a thorough investigation into Alexandro’s tax history. Once we had compiled a strong case, we contacted the Revenue Officer in charge of Alexandro’s case.


TaxRise negotiated fiercely with the IRS, convincing them of Alexandro’s inability to pay what they were demanding of him. 


At last, the IRS agreed and signed the offer in compromise, which was likewise accepted by Alexandro. His total tax liability was reduced to $4,332 – a saving of over 95.1%.

End Result:

Despite Alexandro misfiling his taxes from 2013-2016, TaxRise was able to help him avoid paying his tax liability in full, settling his $87,143.60 liability for $4,332.

See Alexandro’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

* Client’s name changed for privacy.