Security Serviceman Resolves Wage Garnishment and Settles $178,065.65 Liability for $6,372

| February 27, 2020


Taxpayer: Gregor Whitehill – Security Services/ California

The Tax Problem:

Gregor had unpaid taxes dating back to 2008. As a result of his accumulated liability, the IRS sent him a letter informing him that they would be placing him on a wage garnishment.

A wage garnishment is a court-ordered instruction that mandates your employer to withhold a specific amount of your paycheck and have it sent to your debtors until the liability is paid in full.

Since Gregor’s liability was $178,065.65, a wage garnishment would be disastrous on his finances. 

TaxRise's Solution Process:


First and foremost, the tax professionals at TaxRise got to work on resolving Gregor’s wage garnishment. They set up a strategic, temporary installment agreement to momentarily halt the effects of the wage garnishment until an offer in compromise could be established.


TaxRise presented to the IRS an OIC of $500. The IRS countered the $500 offer we made with $6,372 which we then presented to the client to see if he would accept.


Gregor accepted the new OIC and TaxRise was able to settle his tax liability of $178,065.65 for $6,372.

End Result:

End Result:

Gregor was able to resolve his tax liability of $178,065.65 for $6,372 releasing him of his wage garnishment and saving 96% on his debt in the process.

See Gregor’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

* Client’s name changed for privacy.