If you find that you owe more than $5,000 in back taxes and that the IRS is aggressively pursuing payments, you may be a perfect candidate for our services. Here at TaxRise, we become the voice for Americans that are in the face of financial hardship due to tax debt that they simply cannot afford to pay.

Upon your completion of our survey to better understand you and your position, as we realize everyone’s story and situation is different, you will be eligible for a free consultation with our tax experts. This consultation will allow us to truly connect with you and give you the chance to be a part of the process. After all, this is your journey to financial freedom; we’re just helping you get there.

What will we go over in the consultation?

We’ll start off your consultation going over what you owe and how you got there, upon which we will determine what kind of relief you qualify for. You’ll be informed of all of our services and what you can expect in this process.

You’ll also have the opportunity to address any concerns and questions you have regarding your taxes, the IRS, and collections.

TaxRise and You Post Consultation

The first step on our end is to complete what we call a Discovery Analysis. Your team (that’s right, a team devoted to your case!) will investigate the claims against you and deliberate on the best course of action. Following this analysis, your case manager will reach out to you to review and advise via a phone meeting.

At TaxRise we like to keep our clients well-informed on everything that we do here. That is why we take our phone meetings so seriously. This is a time where we will review our findings and present a customized plan of action. You will always be included and your thoughts considered when forming this plan of action.

Once you agree with your team on a resolution that works for you, our experts will reach out to the IRS to carryout the negotiation.

Learn about tax negotiations here.

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