How TaxRise Works

For the complete story on how we’re building a better mousetrap, read this.

TaxRise is a streamlined tax resolution service providing taxpayers with assistance for a fraction of the thousands tax relief firms charge. But it’s not just about price, we’ve designed software and smart processes that automates a lot of the services tax professionals provide so our crack team of enrolled agents, accountants, and attorneys can spend their time resolving cases.


But that’s not all.

One of the biggest complaints taxpayers have is the difficulty dealing with the IRS. So we’ve also hired a crack team of designers and UX experts to make everything as easy as possible.

We’re on a mission to change the tax relief industry. Here’s how it works:

1. Answer a few simple questions

Give us as much information as you can about your tax issue. The more we know about your situation, the more accurately we’ll be able to understand what we need to do and save you money. The consultation is completely free.

2. See your resolution options

We’ll give you honest and transparent advice about what options you qualify for and also explain exactly what we’ll do for you and explain what it means.

3. Pay and Casework Begins

Once you pay our ridiculously low fees, our tax resolution team will begin to work. You’ll gain access to our support portal where friendly and expert agents will let you know what we need and the status of your case. Once everything’s complete, we’ll let you know with a handwritten note. Our tax attorneys and professionals will negotiate a resolution with the IRS and state tax agencies on your behalf.

That’s it.