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“I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to have been given this second chance. I’m thankful to be back in a position where I don’t fear bankruptcy or debt collectors and instead I can focus on my work and my family. Thank you, TaxRise!!

Charles N

Pastor settles $206,000 IRS tax liability for $650

Charles always went to his local CPA for file his taxes each year and trusted that the job was done correctly. But when Charles got targeted for an IRS audit, it was revealed that his CPA had misfiled a number of elements of his tax return which revealed — much to his and his wife’s horror — the large tax bill.

So, we got to work. The strategy behind Charles’ reduction was a team effort. We first needed to stop the threat collections activities, so we worked on placing Charles in a Currently-Non-Collectible status. Then we began forming his settlement strategy which resulted in his debt being resolved for only $650.

With some hard work, we pulled off one of the largest savings in TaxRise history!

50 %
Total savings
$ 200000
Total tax debt
$ 0
Settled for