Our Process

Before contacting us about our services, you may be curious about our process and timeline, which is a very reasonable inquiry that deserves to be addressed by every tax company. We will tackle your case in two phases, with very clear steps to keep you informed throughout the process of relief.

Phase I


This is the very first step in your journey to financial freedom. During this step, you will pre-qualify for a tax relief program with your Resolution Officer, discuss possible case strategies, onboard as a TaxRise client, and initiate work on your case. Your main point of contact for this step will be your Resolution/Settlement Officer.

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The second step is to establish TaxRise’s Power of Attorney, make contact with the IRS and request your complete IRS file. This will all be performed by your Caseworker, who will be your point of contact at this time.

Analysis & Strategy

In this step, we will compile your ten-year IRS history, create what we call a Discovery Analysis report, and begin building a case strategy based on our findings. You will continue to be in touch with your Caseworker.

Review & Advise

A Senior Resolution Officer will review your Discovery Analysis report and results with you, propose a case strategy, and initiate Phase II per your approval.

Phase II

Resolution Preparation

Phase II will begin with establishing compliance with the IRS, then we’ll file all past due tax returns as needed, complete a financial questionnaire, compile your financial documents, and facilitate all financial recommendations. Your Case Manager will be handling all steps from here on out, so they will be your point of contact moving forward.

Presentation & Negotiation

At this point, a tax attorney will present your case to the IRS and negotiate as necessary until the best possible resolution is reached.

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Resolution & Submission

After some time negotiating with the IRS, you will be presented the negotiated resolution for final approval. Upon your approval, we can officially accept the IRS resolution.


The final step in this long, but purposeful, process is to establish a plan to maintain compliance with the IRS per the requirements of the approved resolution, thus resolving your tax debt! Your Case Manager will continue to keep in touch in case you have any questions or concerns, and to help keep you on track.

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