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Uh-Oh but Congratulations!

You’ve reached our hard to find error page and that’s not an easy thing to do.

We’ve tried really hard to think and plan for every possible circumstance to avoid showing this page but the fact that you’re reading this means…either you’ve made the impossible possible or we don’t know what “every possible circumstance” means. And that’s certainly possible.

But whatever you were looking for, it is no longer available.

But as a managing partner of this little company, I can offer a special something for the inconvenience of having to read this page. Whenever you decide to use our services, please mention this code “INCONCEIVABLE” and we’ll take 20% off any of our services.

The only thing is our software isn’t built for promotional codes since our prices are so low. Which means you’ll have to call it in. And make sure you wait until the end of the conversation to spring the discount code on us because like my grandma used to say “Never tell them about the coupon until after you hear the price.” And if the representative doesn’t know what you’re talking about since this isn’t a common occurrence just point them to this page.